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000legendcreep000 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  New Deviant Student Artist
very detailed art, keep it up. for the brother hood!!!!
CharlieWilcher Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015   General Artist
Your fallout art is fantastic!
cromcaster Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  New Deviant
Awesome Fallout art. Keep it up!
daftPirate Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your Fallout art is blowing. My. Mind! Amazing work!
Snotbanker Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Student General Artist
I am in looooove with your Fallout art
Quakeattack Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
What are your rates for commissions? I'm on mobile ATM so its somewhat hard to navigate....
mrinalmech Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
Hey would you like to work on a 2d run and gunner video game (contra,metal slug,gunstar heroes) but done in an aesthetic reminiscent of 80s animated shows (visionaries, centurions, mask, heman, wheeled warriors etc)?
MathCG Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Student General Artist
Someday I wish to drawn like you *o*
DrewDiddy1996 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
Wow your arts are amazing!! May I ask what would you charge for something like this? Maybe Full Body?…
CookArts Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Whoa! Your artwork gave me a flash of inspiration! I am pretty new at Digital Art. I looked through the video game art. Your techniques are just...... pure *speechless* I am watching you!
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